2020 Wedding Guest Dress Trends

2020 Wedding Guest Dress Trends


Wedding guest dresses are in high demand as it is not only the bride who wants to look great at a wedding.


Since the goal is to look chic at the wedding, there are plenty of great styles available that will help you to pull it off. However, many of the looks for wedding guest dresses that are coming out for this year are updated versions of styles that have been popular in past years.


Normally, most women prefer to wear a dress to a wedding, but if the wedding is not too formal, you can also get away with separates, which will make the pieces more versatile in the future. Especially if you have been invited to and plan to attend several weddings this year.


You can use the same base piece, for example, a great metallic linen skirt, and change the look with different tops and jewelry. You can wear a heavily embellished top with the metallic skirt for your sister’s wedding at the country club and then don the subtle metallic skirt with a blouse in a bold color like burgundy or a hot color like coral for one of your friend’s afternoon wedding in a garden.


More so, there are terrific options for wedding guest dressesukbeyond the basic sundress available to beach wedding goers. Long maxi like dresses with bright colors and tiered skirts are available in shops.


Another hot wedding guest dress trend this year is the cream and white bold floral print.With oversized flowers can be found adorning dresses, skirts, and fabulous blouses. The floral pattern will make your ensemble pop with character.


Even though wedding guest dressesusually do not come in solid black or white, it is perfectly acceptable in a pretty print. Spruce things up with a chunky enamel bracelet or a brightly colored beaded necklace or.


For weddings inSpring, go for an outfit with stunning florals and vibrant jacquards with an intense palette of green, yellow and orange. Different shapes are available this season sporting cold shoulder tops, fluid trousers, and sculptured dresses.


For weddings in Autumn, you might be better off choosing wedding guest dresses with deep reds and dark hues. Richly patterned with a fine Porcelain Rose print bodice.


For weddings in Winter, choose dresses that look relaxed yet sophisticated.Soft, fluid fabrics with thicker layers would be perfect.


Nothing complements the perfect outfit like the right accessories. You want your wedding jewelry, bag and shoes to be just as stylish as the rest of your ensemble.



So, whether you are just an evening guest or you are attending the whole wedding, you will want an outfit that’s not only comfortable but oozing in style.


Have some fun putting together a fabulous wedding guest dress that will make you feel chic and almost as gorgeous as the bride.