Mrs. Walleman's Classroom Page

Hello!  This page is meant to inform you of things that we discussed in class or added to our ISN during the class period.  Be sure to check this website anytime you are absent to get caught back up cheeky

September 4th - We discussed how to set up the Interactive Notebooks today.  We set up the Table of Contents and also set up the vocabulary words for Number Systems today in class. For class tomorrow, please use your workbook to define the words "Percent, Decimal, and Fraction" in your notebook.

Title Page - This should be the first page in your notebook.  You should have your name, your class period, Mrs. Walleman Room 207, and the 10 important numbers you listed from the assignment the 2nd day of school.

Multiple Intelligences Graph - From the activity we did in class.  If you cannot find yours, look in the folders of missing work.

Table of Contents - You will need 4 blank pages for this.  Please see my example notebook for how to fill it out.

Pages 1-3 - Number Systems Vocabulary - Please see me for a sheet with the words.