1st Grade Prep.


Continue workings on Sight words through out the summer.  It is important that your child review the words as well as letters and letter sounds at least once a week.  Though we have learned alot this year, it is easy to lose speed when the information isn't reviewed.  Your child will be checked on letter sounds as well as nonsense words and a short reading passage once school begins.  The check will be much like what they did this Spring.  One minute to say/read as quickly as possible.  

The nonsense words are words that have a cvc (consonant, vowel, consonant) and are not  real words.  examples are: nev    hiz    suv.......       Your child will get credit if he/she says the letter sounds or the entire nonsense word. 

The reading passage will be an unfamiliar story.  The only way to prepare for this is to have your child read the take home readers that were sent home during the school year, as well as to attempt to read children's books that are available to him/her at home as well as the Public Library.  


Below is a link to the 1st Grade Summer Reading List.



Your Child's First Grade/Primer teacher will also be checking the following skills at the beginning of the year.  It is important to review these things each week this summer also.  

Review numbers 0-25   

Counting to 100

Simple Addition

Simple Subtraction