About Mrs. Beth

My Grandsons - Jude and Wyatt

This is my 32nd year teaching school.    I graduated from the University of West Georgia with a Bachelors in Early Childhood Education as well as a Masters in Early Childhood Education.  I was teacher of the year at Centennial Elementary School for 2009-2010.  My first six years of teaching were spent teaching third grade in my home town of Bremen, Georgia.  My teaching experience has been all over the southeast.  I've taught in the states of Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Tennessee.  My experience spans grades Kindergarten through Fifth grade.  I have to admit that I didn't begin teaching where I truly wanted to teach until 2000.  I had requested kindergarten from the first year I began teaching and there never were any openings.  In 2000 when my family relocated to Dickson, TN I finally got the opportunity.  I love teaching kindergarten.  When I began teaching the first day in Kindergarten I knew that I was where I belonged.