Weekly Update

You may send a water bottle with your child for school.  Please write his/her name on it.  We do have a water fountain in our class, but right now it is hot at recess and there isn't a water fountain outside.  I will allow them to take them out but they have to keep up with them and remember to bring them back inside.   (They can set them on the benches, they don't have to run around holding them.) 


You may send a small blanket, towel, or pillow for your child to use at rest time.  I will try to get them back in the backpacks each day.  They do not have to be washed everyday.  This is just an easy way to keep up with them. 


Any jackets, lunchboxes, and backpacks should have your child's name on them.  Many are left in the lunchroom and gym in the mornings.  If the name is on them it is easier to locate where they belong. 


Please make sure that you help your child with his/her name until they are able to write it all by themselves.  Don't move their hands, but give verbal instructions.  That is what I do at school.  We do a lot of erasing.


Our High Frequency words to practice: Our goal is to read 30 of the High frequency words. The words with the * are the words on the report card.


Kindergarten Sight Word List


First Nine Weeks

1*               can*              the*               we*

see*             a*                 like*


Second Nine Weeks

to*               and*               go*               you*

do*              my*                are*               with*



Third Nine Weeks

is*                 little*          she*              was*

for*               have*         of*               they*

said*              want*          here*            me*                         


Fourth Nine Weeks

this*           what*           help*               has*

play*          where*         look*               for*

have*         of*              they*              said*