Let's finish the school year with some recommended summer reading. Prepare some iced coffee, put your feet up and enjoy some poems created by our witches and wizards. Some will move you to tears, some will make you laugh, some will pick your brain, and some you will find are... let's say "controversial", and I publish them all because yes, I believe in freedom of speech. I can't believe how far these kids have come regarding the creation and understanding of poetry. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have. 

Andrew's poems

Anna's poems

Brynn's apple series

Brynn's shark poem

Brynn's toaster series

Calliope's poems

Kira's poetry book

Kyle's poems

Lyla's poems

Michael's poems

Nick's poems

Phoebe's poems

Luis' poems

Kate's poems

Sam's poems

Siena's Lost Monkey poem

Siena's Picky Eater poem

Siena's The Best Days of your Life poem

Finn's silly poems

Theo's poems

Tyler's poems