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Making arrangements for drilling concrete by yourself

Professional contractors deal with various hazardous activities like rock breaking and drilling concrete. However, in certain situations, due to an emergency, you may need to take up the drilling work. So, every homeowner should know how to drill concrete for the sake of their homes. The situations that demand drilling can be when you need to create a pathway for a pipe or wiring, or you need to install a concrete fastener or anchor. We will try to guide you on this. Etken Teknologi have brought many new techniques for rock breaking work to save our environment.


For the layman, drilling into concrete can be a risky job. However, with the proper know-how and the adequate tools, the work can be done effortlessly. You must get a hammer drill or a rotary hammer drill when dealing with concrete applications. Never try to experiment with the standard drills as they are incapable of breaking into the concrete. A hammer drill is the most useful tool in this scenario. You need to ensure, the hammer drill you choose has the option of variable speed setting, depth gauge, and a robust handle and grip. Being a novice in this aspect, you may not be able to drill the concrete correctly, but you will be able to finish the job.

The next most important aspect is the quality of the hole; this is determined by a concrete fastener.  The use of proper drill bits can ensure the appropriate drilling. There are various types of bits available for this purpose, and they are the spline hammer bit, SDS drill bit, hammer bit, SDS Max drill bit, and the Tapcon drill bit. Possibly, you already know the requirements for which the drilling is necessary. You can convey the reason to the salesperson of the shop when you buy these drill bits.


Once you are ready with the necessary tools, you need to focus on the safety gears. For instance, the safety goggles, dust mask, and protective equipment for the ears are indispensable. You can also refer to the hundreds of video tutorials to get an idea on how to begin the drilling procedure. Hope, this guide was able to help.