The Teacher Professional Development SRG can be seen as providing research and training for educators to keep current with changing technology and practices in their professions or in the concept of life-long learning. The mission of this Teacher Professional Development SRG is to prepare leaders in the educational field to become knowledgeable, skilled and effective in all aspects. The group members are expected to carry out research within their professional contexts while evaluating the existing teacher education training.

This SRG focuses on contemporary and future educational issues with specific concern in early education, educational management and leadership, language teaching and learning, pedagogical issues and e-learning. This group will explore activities that can be used in designing, implementing and evaluating teacher education program and training. This group brings clarity and insight to this burgeoning and influential field. Teacher Professional Development SRG will be of great values to researchers, policymakers, administrators and teachers as they make the most of their professional development research and training. 


1.      To establish centre of excellence of research pertaining to teacher professional development and related issues

2.      to guide teachers in upgrading knowledge and skills through professional learning community

3.      to diagnose problems and challenges in teacher education

4.      to encourage collaborative learning among the staff and community

5.      to promote life-long learning

EG Approach and Methodology

1.       Research:
No.Topic / AreaLeader
1.        Leadership Succession in Higher Education Dr. Hasani Dali
2.        Profile of Language Teacher Education: A FrameworkPn. FahainisDr AIzan
3.        Special Education Programmes Pn. Hjh Rahmah
4.        Keperluan Guru: Tinjauan Awal di Sekolah-sekolah  Agama Rakyat di MalaysiaEn NordinDr Aizan
2. Training / Program:
No.Topic / AreaLeader / Person In Charge
1.        Communication Skills for Teachers (English)/lecturers Dr. AizanPn Fahainis 
2.        Projek Literasi Luar Bandar  Dr Aizan
3.        Kaedah Pengajaran Moral (Pedagogy) Dr. Hasani  En. Nordin 
4.        Classroom Management (Method & Approach)“Discipline without Stress ”Dr. Hasani
5.        Multicultural Education (Pedagogy) Pn. Fahainis
6.        Kursus Bina InsanPn. RahmahEn. SuhailiTn Hj Abdullah Ismail 
7.        Summer Camp  En. Nordin
8.        ICT – MultimediaDr. HalimPn Siti Nazuar
9.        Projek Sekolah Angkat Dr Mohd Nor
10.    Kursus kepada PIBG sekolah En. Nordin
11.    Taman Sinar Harapan Pn. Siti Nazuar
12.    Sekolah Agama Rakyat + ABIM En. Nordin
  3. Monthly Colloqium: ( Mac 2009)
MonthTopic / AreaPresenter
1.       MarchAddressing the Multiple Intelligences in our classroom by using narrative approachMr Mohammed
2.       AprilClassroom managementDr Hasani
3.       May  
4.       June  
5.       July  
6.       AugustVideo Editing and ProductionPn Siti Nazuar
7.       SeptemberNLP Skills for TeachersPn Fahainis
8.       OctoberRole Play as a research toolDr Aizan
9.       November`  
10.   December  
List of Consultants/Researchers/Trainers
Following are the consultants /researchers/trainers for this Expert Group:Dr Aizan Yaacob (Leader)Dr Hasani DaliDr Halim MohamedDr Mohd Nor JaafarDr Hamida Bee BiDr Zahyah HanafiPn FahainisPn Siti NazuarPn RahmahEn Alis PutehEn Ismail MustafaEn Abdullah IsmailEn Nordin