making the wigs

Process of making the wigs

You will find thousands of braids models available on the market. The range of prices offered is extensive. How do you know if you made the right choice among the products and brands offered? What makes the price difference from one Knotless box braids to another? We will tell you more about how the braids are made.


The origin of the braids


There are three main categories of braids in the wig market: natural, synthetic and a mixture of the two.



Human hair braided wigs from several origins and their prices vary. Indian braids are the most common. Their texture most closely resembles that of Western braids. Braids of Chinese origin can also be found in the market, which has recently been flooding the market. Their texture is quite far from Western criteria; they require heavy chemical treatments and lower quality. And finally, we find European braids, mainly from Eastern countries, which is particularly sought after in the West.


For semi-natural wigs, the composition is a mixture of natural and synthetic braids. The percentage varies depending on the manufacturer. This fibre is ideal when you don't want to spend too much time maintaining your wig while still having the possibility of brushing or straightening from time to time.


Synthetic braids are widely used and are relatively cheap. The fibre comes from industry. Technologies have significantly evolved, and we now obtain models that are undetectable both to the touch and to the visual. This fibre has the advantage of returning to its initial shape after washing. The only drawback is that the use of heating devices such as hair dryers or straightness is prohibited, at the risk of ultimately damaging the fibre.




The different types wig and their process of manufacturing



The price of braids prosthesis is justified above all by the comfort of the cap. There are three different ways of making: 100% machine-made, 100% handmade, and a machine-made and handmade mixture.


Machine-made cups are made up of bands that are sewn onto cotton bands. These bands are then assembled by machine to form the entire braids. It is the fastest and, therefore, the cheapest manufacturing method. 360 lace braided wigs provide good support but can be difficult for some people to endure all day.


There are also wigs with a part made by machine and another by hand. They are the lightest and most comfortable models in summer and winter. Knotless wig are ideal when you wear your wig every day.


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Manufacturing locations



Most of the wigs sold in the European market are made by workshops located in Asia. The quality depends on the manufacturing workshop. They are carefully selected and controlled to provide you with a stable level of comfort over time.


Nevertheless, there are also still some artisan wigmakers who make wigs by hand and to measure. Cheap braided wigs with good quality can be easily available in the online stores.


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