How to Become a Professional Driving Instructor

Driving is your passion and you also think that this is a perfect as well as the right field in which you should pursue your career. Before anything else, the best thing about becoming a driving instructor is that you will be self-employed and will also be able to enjoy flexible working hours.


You must have seen a number of glossy television advertisements where they promise aspirants of a huge amount of money, meeting celebrities and so on. In other words, you can find these type of advertisements in local newspapers too about the best as well as about the most effective Driving School Surrey.


Before you reach at some deceptive conclusion, it must be noted that taking Driving Lessons Surrey to become a driving instructor is a big business and you may need to pay huge amount before you reach at your destination. While you are searching for the right choice of Class 1 Driving School Surrey, there will be numerous companies offering lucrative training packages as they will tell you just what you want to hear. There are companies and Driving School Surrey BC that keep their fee this much that it lures aspirants, but once you qualify for the training, you are tied into a franchise and most of the times you end up paying more in overall.


Most common method adopted to become a driving instructor at Driving School Burnaby, consists three exams and you must know that these exams are not easy. These are:





Exam 1: It is a computer based theoretical exam and hazard perception exam. Required passing percentage is 50% but you can try as many number times until you get success.


Exam 2: This exam is to test the driving ability of the aspirant. To pass this exam, you need to secure at least 50%.


Exam 3:  This Icbc Knowledge Test In Punjabi is to test your ability as instructor. It is considered as the toughest exam as only few people make to pass through it. However, practice and determination never fails!


For exam two and three, the number of attempts given is three. Also, remember that you have to qualify these two exams within two years of passing the first exam. Failing this, you will have to start with exam one.


The best option would be not to pay lump sum as most of the training packages do not pay back in case you do not qualify. The best option is to negotiate with a reputed driving school near you and the chances are you will get better deal.


You must know that already a number of instructors that are offering the Driving Lessons Vancouver is doubled than actually what is required, this is not to discourage but a fact so that you are able to make a wise decision considering other risks factors involved such as uncertainty of self-employed and absence of regular income. After considering these points only you should move ahead.