Day Two: First things first: One small step...Our first day

Today is the second day of class.  Today is your first day to make some choices in this class.  We are already talked about respect.  How does respect work in a class room?  is it something you carry with you and then leave under your desk or is it something you use?

Hello, welcome back. I tried to greet all of you before you entered my room today.  Is that respect?  To you?  Raise your hands and stand on both feett if you think it is respect and raise your other hand and stand on one foot if you do not.  As a teacher, respect is important to me.  Thank you for brining the journals that I requested in my supplies list to your parents. We will split into groups, talk, and journal today.

Please split into groups of three and note three ways that you can show respect in the classroom on the first page of your journal.  First, let us start the journal with complete sentences that have a subject and a verb and express a complete thought. Next, look back at the rules you suggested yesterday and your own character traits.  What do you see that connects rules and character traits?  If people trust us and we are responsible then do you think trust will follow?  Please take a few minutes and journal your thoughts and responses.

Now, stay in your groups and think about why it is important for a teacher to be respectful to his students.  Write at least three complete sentences why and put these thoughts on the second page of your journal and then turn to page three. 

Is respect earned or is freely given and worn like a shirt so that others can see and admire it.  How about you?  Do you wear your respect outwardly and use it or do you just wear it during gym with your shorts? Finish your journal writing for today by taking a moment and writing about your ideas on respect.  Is it use it or lose it?  Or, perhaps, an old friend whom you see everyday?

Finally, who wants to share?  You can stay in your groups and share as a group today. Again, welcome to Language Arts.  The idea is for each group to introduce their ideas but first the class has to set up rules for how they will listen to that group and ask questions.  Why are rules important?  How can we develop our character through rules?