Day Five: Sharing values

Good morning.  Today, we are finishing our first week of school.  We began the week with a look at key concepts and then introduced writing exercises about those concepts.  This morning we will finish reviewing a poem which is meant to help us learn about our character and where character starts.  Usually, we try to look around if something goes wrong and try to point fingers but the poem provides an example of whey we are responsible four own thoughts and actions.  Go ahead and divide into groups because I want each group to present their own viewpoint of the poem we read yesterday to the class.  

Again, we should look back at our own rules and the concepts of character that we have worked upon this week both before we present the poems and before we ask questions to the group that is presenting their view of the poem.  How as individuals can we demonstrate character and value as part of a group?  How can we demonstrate that character while each group reads their thoughts on the poem to the class?  How can the person reading the poem for the group demonstrate character to the class?  

Finally, each member of the group will write down what they thought was important about the poem and which group presentation best explained concepts of character.