The Spanish program for students in K-2, the goals are to provide opportunities for children to do the following:

  • To recognize a sound system different from English

  • To hear and respond to simple directions in Spanish

  • To understand vocabulary related to content areas such as math, science, social studies, language arts/reading, art and music.

  • To produce oral language by imitating, singing, rhyming and responding with learned words and phrases.

Kids Learn Spanish with songs and fun cartoons



Some activities in the K-2 Spanish classes include the following:

  • Singing, Movement

  • Counting, graphing, sorting, etc.

  • Listening to stories

  • Learning about cultural similarities and differences

  • Following Directions

  • Responding with simple words and phrases.





Interpersonal Mode of Communication:

MLEK5.IP1 Students exchange simple

spoken information in the target language, utilizing cultural references where appropriate. Students:

A. use basic greetings, farewells and expressions of courtesy.

B. express likes, dislikes, emotions, agreement and disagreement.

C. give one word descriptions.

D. comprehend basic classroom directions.

E. provide simple responses based on classroom topics.

F. use sequenced information, such as numbers, days of the week, months and seasons.

G. imitate proper pronunciation and intonation.

See full size imageMLEK5.IP2 Students exchange simple written information in the target language, utilizing cultural references where appropriate. Students:

A. copy characters and words.

B. make lists based on familiar topics.







Exchanging greetings

Identifying people

Saying goodbye

Appropriate forms of address


Using tu and usted

Como te llamas?

Me llamo _____

Subject Pronouns

SER: singular forms

Blanca Nieves y los Siete Enanitos



Introducing yourself and others

Responding to introductions

Given information about where people are from

Map of the Americas

Countries and nationalities

De donde eres?

Soy de…

Using cognates




Describing personally traits

Describing physical characteristics

How Spanish speakers  describe themselves and each others

Como eres?

Soy _____

Alice in Wonderland