classroom rules and routines

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Classroom Rules
In our classroom we have one major rule that applies to everything that we do. This rule is one word- RESPECT.

We RESPECT ourselves!!!  Nos respetamos!!!

We RESPECT others!!!  Respetamos a otros!!!

WE RESPECT our school!!!   Respetamos nuestra escuela!!!

We RESPECT our community!!!  Respetamos nuestra comunidad!!!

Classroom Routines and Requirements
Students should come prepare for class every day with the following:

1. 1 sharpened pencil.  1 lapiz con punta.
2. Homework and assignments  Tarea.
3. Writing paper/notebook  Papel y cuaderno.


1. Stay in your seat or work area.
2. Listen to the person speaking and follow directions.
3. Arrive on time with all necessary materials.
4. Speak when recognized or when in work groups.
5. Hands, feet, and objects-Keep to yourself!


DO NOT OBEY                                  OBEY

1. Warning                              1.  Praise.  Excelente!!!  FANTASTICO!!!
2. “See me.”                           2.  Goog news letter to parents.
3. Isolation/time-out
4. Privilege loss
5. Call home
6. Go to the office  

Below are some classroom routines that are used to help run the class smoothly.

No talking in class,   No hable en clase

  The classroom is for learning and we have much to do. La clase es para aprender y tenemos mucho para hacer!!!

1. Begin taking out the required materials.  Saque los materiales requeridos
2. Place homework folders/notebooks in the proper homework box.
3.  Work on that day's brain stretcher.

 4.begin the day's lesson.

 As a student, I will:
  • Always do my best work.
  • Be kind and helpful to my classmates.
  • Show respect for myself, my school, teacher, and classmates.
  • Obey classroom rules.
  • Show respect for property of others.
  • Come with my homework and my supplies.
  • Believe that I can and will learn.
  • Spend at least 15 minutes each day studying Spanish at home.
  • Talk with my parents about Spanish activities.
                    Mr. Clavijo’s Reinforcement Menu                                       



Candy bar

Spanish bookSpanish dictionary
LollipopPotato chips
MoneySpanish magazine
Toy carTeacher helper
Craft timeSilly sock day
Wear a hat in  classVideo-game
Wal-Mart credit  cardWrite on   board



 Talks with teacher

Visit with a buddy
Help a younger (Spanish)Extra free time
 smileSinging contest
ComplimentsApproval of other students
Teacher approvalCompliment chart



Pizza party

Class movie day(Spanish)
Ice cream partySinging contest
 Visit to another classGarage sale (save coupons)
Popcorn partyDirects Spanish store



Certificate of Achievement

Good new letter
Coupons (to buy merchandise)High Grades
Recognition in  class