Helpful Links for Students


Hey kids!! Here is a list of websites that I thought would be helpful for you to practice your skills while having fun. Just make sure you have your parents’ permission!



Basic Math: Hundreds of pages of basic math skills, interactive practice on every page, an explanation of the math topic on each page, and several challenge games on every page.


Multiplication Skills: Math lovers, polish up your multiplication skills!


Multiplication Tables: Work on your 4′s -13′s multiplication tables with Black Dog!



Kids Bank: Guided by Penny, Dollar Bill, Interest Ray, and Checks, students will learn about money, savings, interest, checking, and electronic banking in this very interactive site.  There are quizzes and games that help students review what they learn during the tours.


Ordered Pairs Online Math Activity


Fractions Brain POP!



Math Baseball: This game provides students with a fun way to practice basic facts.


Math Practice: Students can practice their math skills while being timed.  This site covers all of third grade math.


Multiplication Practice: At this site, students can practice their basic facts and play multiplication games.




Fun School: Can you spot the misspelled words?  Click on this site and see!


Little Explorer’s Picture Dictionary: This isn’t for babies either!! The amount of information on the site just “boggles the mind”!!!!


Spelling Wizard- Practice for your spelling tests.





Children’s Favorite Authors: This is a comprehensive “hot list” of links that will take students to the websites of their favorite authors.


Roald Dahl- Check out Roald Dahl’s Home page. Take a look at all the awesome books he has written.


Reading- Wordsearch*Musical_Instruments&A3=instruments&INSTRUCTS=1


Join the Flashlight Readers Club! This is such a cool site!! I love it…



Reading- Wordsearch*Musical_Instruments&A3=instruments&INSTRUCTS=1


Wacky Tales




Mad Lib Fun: Verbs, nouns and adjectives…OH MY! This is a silly way to write a new story and learn the parts of speech.


The Writing Process- Use this site to work on your Writing Scavenger Hunt! This is an excellent site with awesome information on how to improve your essay writing skills.


Grammar Gorillas- Nouns and verbs practice!


Writer’s Block


Main Idea Riddles


Practice your cursive here!!


Social Studies/Current Events



Time for Kids: This website is an outstanding resource for kid-friendly news stories.  It is great practice for reading non-fiction text, and it provides lots of extra activities for students to complete after their reading.


Civil Rights Web Hunt


Martin L. King Web Hunt king


Spanish/ Other Languages



Spanish for Kids: Here is a great website to help you practice and increase your spanish skills.


Learn a New Language with Games: A website to help you learn new languages while playing games!