First Grade Sight Words


1st Grade Sight Words


Week 1- at, I, the, a, as                   Word Family: at, ag

Week 2- and, can, is, man, to                                         an, am

Week 3- had, you, has, go, on,                               ad, ap


Week 4- it, he, be, we, me                                      it, ig, th

Week 5- in, him, she, with, for                               in, im, sh

Week 6- did, are, his, this, her                               id, ip, ch


Week 7-not, no, now, because, our                                ot, op, wh

Week 8- of, was, by, my, one                                 ob, ug

Week 9- will, but, all, or, an                                  ill, ick


Week 10- There, when, then, than, show            th, sh, ch, wh

Week 11- tell, have, went, up, out                         ed, ell, est

Week 12- from, first, part, through, your               r blends


Week 13-were, said, use, each, which                   l blends

Week 14-small, other, about, them                        s blends

Week 15-any, many, would, could, should            ending s


Week 16-look, like, call, follow, help                   ending ed

Week 17-thing, some, make, think, see                 ending ing

Week 18-I’m, don’t, I’ll, it’s, we’re                       contractions


Week 19- Take, came, name, same, also               ake, ane, ame

Week 20-made, place, after, great, good               ade, ate, ace

Week 21- line, right, write, time, might                        ine, ice, ight


Week 22- find, into, its, give, live                 ong, ang, ung

Week 23- want, where, what, who, why                unk, ink, ank

Week 24- may, say, way, day, sentence        ay, ail, ain


Week 25- very, only, year, boy, girl              sounds of y

Week 26- more, down, come over, know      oat, ote, ore

Week 27- back, sound, long, most, around    ock, ack, uck


Week 28- number, two, little, three, too                eed, ump

Week 29- just, much, new, work, get             r controlled vowels

Week 30- before, mean, old, oil, water          endings lt, ft, mp