IMPORTANT: Students are required to bring a self-selected novel to class every day. There will be a book report project due once per quarter. The page requirement is 150 for regular and 200 for accelerated. The due date for this quarter's book project is February 24, 2010.

 Following is the book report rubric for this quarter's project:

 Movie Poster Book Report Project

Have you ever wished you could cast and direct a movie?Here’s your chance!  For quarter 3 you will be creating  a movie poster for the novel you read.  You will be castingcharacters, choosing a location, and editing the screenplay.  Have fun!DUE:  FEBRUARY 24, 2010 


Step 1-  Read a novel within the guidelines set by your English teacher.  (Regular—150 pages, ACC—200 pages minimum) 

Step 2– Design your movie poster to include the following  (the design and set-up is up to you!) : 

· Credits and Title-  Write your name, the title of your book, and the author of your book.  Your title should be attention-grabbing.  It’s your movie -  if you want to rename the film, you can.  Just make sure the actual title is in the credits.

· Cast-  Cast the main characters of your book.  (At least 2 characters.)  You can choose celebrities or friends of yours.  Provide at least 3 sentences for each cast member, explaining why you chose them.  Is it based on their physical likeness to the character?  Are their personalities similar?  Explain your choices.

· Setting– Write 5 sentences describing the setting of your book. 

· Location - Next, choose a place to film.  If you were directing this movie, where would you choose to film?  In 5 sentences, explain your choice and why it would be a good place to film your movie.   You can use more than one place -  most stories need a few different settings.

· Picture– Create a picture to go with your movie poster that will make people want to see it, or read the book.  You can design it with or without characters, but it needs to tie in with your novel!

· Synopsis– Create a summary of your novel using at least 5 sentences and an IVF sentence to start.  Your summary should highlight the most exciting parts of your novel without giving away anything good.

· Reviews– Write 4 reviews of your novel/movie.  Each review should be at least 2 sentences.  Be creative—try to write them from the point of view of different types of people, magazines, or TV shows.  

· Soundtrack - Create a soundtrack for your film.  You can list your songs or add a CD design to your poster.  Your soundtrack should include 8-10 songs, and a 1-2 sentence explanation for each choice.  You can write about when each song would play in the movie, or about why each song fits with the feel of your movie as it relates to the book you read. Each section of your movie poster must be complete and created with correct grammar. Your point breakdown is as follows: 

Credits and Title- 10 pts.

Cast- 10 pts.Setting- 10 pts.

Location- 10 pts.

Picture- 10 pts.

Synopsis- 10 pts.

Reviews- 10 pts.

Soundtrack- 10 pts.

Overall neatness - 10 pts.

Presentation- 10 pts.

Your total points on this project is 100.