My Personal Philosophy

 A good teacher should be dedicated to bringing out the best of every student with their enthusiasm for teaching and a love for students. I believe that a teacher should run their classroom like a restaurant with good customer service and a double helping of knowledge. Always having a clean, safe, and fun environment making students come back for more. The purpose of education is not only to develop knowledge, skill, or the character of students, but to open their minds to persistently ask questions. To always have a longing to know more not only in school, but in life. I am an educator, but for the rest of my life I will be a student.

            A student’s role is to be a sponge soaking up as much information as possible. They should come eager and enthusiastic to every class. Students should use education as a stepping stone into becoming a good citizen and person. They should value the fact that in America, education is a human right. They should feel privileged to know that an education can never be taken away from them. In the end, the student is responsible for their education. The teacher is just there to facilitate.