Class Blog

     Welcome !  I know you all wish that summer could last forever...just think how bored you would be!!!  During the school year you get to participate in activities with other kids your age, you learn and try new things, and there aren't any siblings to bug you or tattle on you.  Every July I get antsy waiting for August.  All these great ideas bounce around in my brain with no one to try them out on.  You guys are my guinea pigs.

     Some of the activities we will do this year depend on YOU.  The class needs to be enthusiastic, follow directions, and know how to have fun and be safe at the same time.  We can use some activities from past years that students have enjoyed which include science investigations, math games, and reading activities.  We can also try out some new activities I am eager to share.  School can be an arduous campaign or an innovative journey brimming with stimulating experiences that enhance your learning.  

     Check out the class photos on this website.  You'll get an idea of some activities we have done in the past.

See ya in August!!!