Inspiring Spiritual Messages

💛Arthur A. Oakman

💛Arthur A. Oakman's Sermons

Sermons by Arthur Oakman - An Apostle in the RLDS Church

Farview Heights Series Sermon 2, 1971 by Arthur Oakman

💛 Bob Kyser, former president of Seventy, now an Evangelist

This is the audio of his sermon on Zoom 5-24-20 at Good Shepherd in 2 parts.


💛Early Radio Sermons (1943 - 1944)

by Elder Evan A. Fry And C. Houston Hobart, Former President of Seventy

💛Roy A. Cheville

Roy Cheville was campus minister at Gracelad College when I was there 1959-61

I loved this man! He inspired many of the good qualities that I have that have blessed my life.

I was in 322 Gunsolley Hall and he lived 2 doors down from me. When he was in the apartment his door was always open so any who wanted to talk with him could knock, come into his room and he would talk with you, sitting on his bunk in his pajamas.

Brother Cheville discusses the great commission and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. He also relates several experiences where he was spoken to in tongues about his ministry and how he was converted to the gospel through endowed witnessing.


💛Jack Hagensen, Oct 13, 2019 Sermon


💛More Restoration Sermons

Excerpts from several early day RLDS Church leaders. These include Frederick M. Smith speaking on Zionic ideals given April 4, 1937, an address to the youth of the Church by F. M. Smith, hymn Consecration sung by George Anway March 1921, a November 5, 1945 recording of Elbert A. Smith and Clara Smith’s 50th wedding anniversary and other memories, Israel A. Smith at the 1952 General Conference giving an address on the 100th anniversary of the Reorganization, Evan A. Fry from Hear Ye Him, Israel A. Smith’s message to the Saints in Australia from June 5, 1952, and Elbert A. Smith and the Stone Church Choir addressing the youth of the Church.

💛The Digitized Recordings made from Sermons of Oscar & Hubert Case.

💛James Whitehead Restoration Message read by Harold Whitehead





♥Preaching of David Ring

His Life Story

Listen to other messages on David Ring YouTube Channel

♥Preaching in the Utah based Church of Jesus Christ General Conference

Billy Graham's Best Ever Sermons


Listen to Annointed Preaching by Several Stalwart Witnesses of Jesus Christ

Prophetic Messages of Rabbi Jonathon Cahn

♥The Bible Teaching Ministry of Charles R. Swindoll

♥The Bible Teaching Ministry of Charles Stanley

♥The Bible Teaching Ministry of Charles Spurgeon

♥The Bible Teaching Ministry of Peter Marshall

♥The Bible Teaching Ministry of Ravi Zacharias

♥The Bible Teaching Ministry of Alistair Begg

♥The Bible Teaching Ministry of Nick Vujicic

The Bible Teaching Ministry of Joel Osteen

♥The Bible Teaching in Classic Sermons