5th Grade

5th Grade


  Well, we have made it to the end of our last year of elementary school! What an accomplishment, and what an amazing year it's been for this class. I would like to celebrate  their hard work, especially in these last few weeks! If you could please help me out with a few requests as we close out the year..
1) Return all borrowed chapter books from the classroom library.
2) All MATH TEXTBOOKS must also be returned before leaving for the summer. *Report cards will not be given to students who have not turned in their books.
3) I am going to be giving them a "popsicle auction" on Wednesday. If you can help me by bringing in $2-3 or donating a box of popsicles (any variety) I would greatly appreciate the contribution.

4) Our end-of-the-year celebration will be Thursday, June 7th. The theme is "favorites". This means that they are to bring in their favorite snack food to share. It can be anything from brownies to dill pickle potato chips. But please be sure to send in enough for 12, and utensils if needed. This does not need to be anything fancy or expensive, just their favorite snack. We will be discussing some of our favorite things: favorite memories, favorite summer activities, favorite vacations, etc. We've been focusing on observing things around us and really appreciating the little things. In a world that is so full of negativity and complaining, I want them to learn to enjoy life and stand out as Christians by pointing out the GOOD things in life. Please encourage them to do so as they move into middle school. It's something that we ALL forget to do on a daily basis. Remember our class verse:

"Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.”Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky." Philippians 2:13-15


Spelling: (Bible Verses listed under Bible)


Week of May13:
*Homework:  completing any class work not finished during class.  I will also assign homework out of the homework book to be completed at home a couple times a week.
  • Please check over your child’s math class work each evening.  By doing this you will have a better understanding of whether your child is grasping the concepts being taught.
  • All Mid Chapter and Chapter Reviews are taken as a Quiz grade.  The student is allowed to take this home and have an adult go over it with him or her.
  • Continue to work on memorizing all multiplication facts 0-12 (I will give multiplication facts pop quizzes on a random basis.)
  • Below are some fun websites for working on math.  These are a great way for your child to practice their math facts.

Important Information about our new Math Curriculum:


Foundation Christian Academy is pleased to introduce a new math curriculum in grades 1-5.  CLE Sunrise Math seeks to relate math to everyday life in God's World.


CLE Sunrise Math introduces concepts in progressive steps allowing the student to master each increment of a skill before advancing to the next step.  Students will not face entire lessons or chapters on a single concept but will meet several simple concepts simultaneously.  Students retain through consistent, systematic, and continuous review.  The goal is not just exposure, but mastery.  


Each grade has a series of "Light Units" featuring a theme.  The theme correlates math skills to how they are used in our world.  Light Units also contain regular speed drills, since fact learning is essential for ultimate mastery in math.  New Material is introduced and practiced.  Refresher lessons review concepts taught in prior grades while We Remember reviews are designed to ensure mastery of previously taught skills and concepts from the current school year.  Just for Fun enrichment activities expose students to new concepts designed to broaden the student's exposure to math. 


Approximately every 3 weeks, students will bring home a completed Light Unit which will allow you to see what has been completed in class and to review as needed. Students will also be given supplemental homework assignments to practice the new material. 


Sunshine Math is an additional supplement providing an extra challenge to students who are motivated and self-directed learners. However, any student regardless of academic performance, should be encouraged to participate as long as interest and enthusiasm for problem solving are presents.




Please remember to complete your Reading Logs every night and turn them in to me every Monday morning. They must be signed to show that your student read each night for a minimum of 20 minutes.This is a TEST GRADE.


Week of May 28:


DAILY 20 minute reading - Reading Logs - Your child will be responsible for reading a minimum of 20 minutes each night.   He/she will be required to choose a chapter book on grade level. (The trade books can come from home, the school library, public library, or our classroom).  After reading each night, your child will record how many minutes were read and which book was read inside the appropriate day of the week on the Reading Log Calendar.  Then, one parent must initial beside the student’s recorded information. (The log sheet should be kept in the front of the binder).  If your child reads the entire book before the end of the week or the end of the month, he/she will choose another book to read.  All books must be on grade level.  I will take a weekly homework grade (on Mondays) based on the reading logs.  Each day counts as 20% of the weekly grade, so it is very important that students read each night (Monday - Friday).

Monthly Book Reports - Each month your child will also do one book report, to be described in a paper sent home near the beginning of each month. A book that has been read for daily reading practice and included on the reading log can also be used, if it meets the specific requirements of the monthly book report. My purpose for the reading logs and book projects is for students to be exposed to a variety of literature types and that they will find at least one genre that they really love to read. If reading is not one of your child’s favorite things to do and they are struggling to get their books read, here are some ideas:

1.  Make sure the book is not to difficult for your child to read.
2.  Have your child read out loud to you for the first 10 minutes and then read silently for the remaining 10 minutes.
3.  Take turns reading out loud together (student reads a page, parent reads a page, and so on).
I am really hoping that by the end of the school year all my students enjoy children's literature as much as I do! 

Vocabulary and Vocabulary Quizzes -  I am currently giving a vocabulary quiz every week. The students will receive their words at the beginning of the week. Please review the definitions for the new words each week with your child. You should also review previous words studied. Help the children identify the words' part(s) of speech, any synonyms, antonyms, and various forms of the word. Some students may enjoy making vocabulary "note cards" and use them with you in simple matching games, matching definitions to the words, for example.   




September – Personal Narrative
October – Comparative
November – Persuasive
December/January – Explanatory
February – Story
March – Expository
April and May – Poetry and Review all writing

There will also be two weeks set aside for Poetry.  

Students will memorize these structures/formats and will be given writing grades on them throughout each month.  
A copy of each essay structure will be placed in the writing section of their binders.  

Poetry Contest: All entries are due on Tuesday, April 30th. We will be doing some in class, but you may also work on a Diamante, or Free Verse Poem at home as well. All entries must be mounted and include a label before turning them in.



This is an excellent website.  http://gardenofpraise.com/biblstry.htm