Benjamin Franklin & Politics

Political career

In 1751 Benjamin Franklin was elected to the Pennsylvania Assembly. His political career spanned nearly nearly forty years. He was a key player in the dominant Quaker political party, which at the time opposed the Proprietary party. The Proprietary party was made up of those who wanted to preserve the power of the Penn family. The Penn family were the founding family in Pennsylvania. While serving in the Assembly he developed lawmaking strategies and authored many statements defending the right of the elected representatives to regulate the government of Pennsylvania.

He was initially loyal to the British empire. He sided with the empire during the French and Indian wars. He persuaded the Assembly to pass the first militia law in Pennsylvania. He also began a budget to fund defense and the plan the Pennsylvannia government representatives would use in the case of a full-scale war. Benjamin Franklin had considered Britain a vital part of this countries freedom. That is until he became aware of the indeifference of the crown toward the individual desires of the colinies. 

After returning from England in 1762 here he had reside for five years or so he traveled colonies and acted as the deputy postmaster general for North America. He held this position for twenty years. He is credited for improving the postal system. 

Most importantly Benjamin Franklin is credited to have had a huge part in the signing of the constitution even though he saw it as a “flawed” document.


He is the only man to have signed all four of the documents which helped to create our great nation.