Homework Policy and Procedures:

Homework is assigned every night. Homework consists of items that your child has seen and worked on in class and should continue to practice at home. This should not be a stressful part of the evening for anyone. Students will receive daily math and language arts homework. This will be in addition to the daily 20-30 minutes independent reading each night. Since this year is the first year students will be taking the MSA, we are trying to build student's ability to read up to 40 uninterupted minutes. This is a very challenging task, but with some guidance and your support at home your children will be successful. It is important for students to build their reading stamina so that they can feel less stressed during MSA. Some helpful hints for homework success are listed below. To help ensure that homework is being completed please sign your child's agenda notebook every night.  In addition, agendas will be one of many ways we can communicate to ensure your child's success. You may also contact me at school (410-222-6414) or through email (fescobar@aacps.org) if you have any questions or concerns.

Helpful Homework Hints

1. Talk about your day. (Start your homework routine off by asking your child to tell you one thing that was interesting and one thing that was challenging for them during their day. This will let you know what skills we are currently working on.)

2. Plan a daily homework time. (Even though schedules can become hectic, it is important to set up a homework time every night.)

3. Choose a quiet place to study. (Homework with the television, radio, or video games is not the way we learned to do it in school so please make sure your child has no distractions.)

4. Homework should be completed neatly and carefully.  Homework will not be accepted if it is messy, torn, sticky, etc... (If something spills or if the dog chewed it up please have your child recopy the homework to a clean sheet of notebook paper.)

5. Pack up your homework as soon as you finish it so you don't forget it at home. (Help your child remember their homework without rushing yourself and him/her in the morning. Packing it up as soon as they finish will leave everyone knowing where it went.)

6. Return your homework on time. (Late homework is not being responsible. That's breaking a school rule and will result in moving of your child's clip.)

7. Homework will not be graded.  (Homework is a review and/or an extension to what we have already covered in class.)

8. Ask for help if you need it, but do the work yourself. (Please review homework at home with your child. Remember this is the time your child can act as the "teacher" and show you how much they know. If you and your child have a question regarding homework please write me a note and I will be happy to explain it.)

9. Read and follow all directions carefully. (Help your child be more successful in responding to assignments by guiding them through from the start.)

10. HAVE FUN! (Homework is not meant to be hard or stressful.)

Other Important Information:

Does your child have a library card? Do you need help getting one? Ask me for help and we can meet up at our local public library and get one together. This will ensure that your child can borrow and read at any time.

Choosing the RIGHT BOOK: 

Help your child choose the right book to read on their own using the following guidelines

Definition of a JUST RIGHT book:

  1. Is the book new to you?
  2. Do you understand some of the book?
  3. Are there just a few words per page you don't know?
  4. When  you read, are there some places smooth and some choppy?
  5. Can someone help you with this book? Who?

If you answered YES, this is probably a JUST RIGHT book for you. Go ahead and learn from it!

Definition of a TOO HARD book:

  1. Are there more than a few words on a page you don't know?
  2. Are you confused about what is happening in most of this book?
  3. When you read, does it sound choppy?
  4. Is everyone busy and unable to help you read this book together?

If you answered YES, this book is probably TOO HARD for you. Spend a little time with it now if you are super interested in it. Give it another try later.

Definition of a TOO EASY book:

  1. Have you read it lots of times before?
  2. Do you understand the story very well?
  3. Do you know (can you understand) almost every word?
  4. Can you read smoothly?

If you answered YES, this is probably a TOO EASY book for you. Enjoy reading it, but choose another book next time.