Become a Solar Panel Engineer With Solar Installation Courses

Want to make your career in the solar industry and want to become a solar engineer? It is a perfect time for you to achieve something better in your career with Fight Academy’s top-rated solar installation course. We see that it is so hard to hit the ideal course for your needs, our solar panel installation training course is intended for complete beginners, yet covering the absolute generally energizing and important subjects in the industry!




Our professional Solar Installation Course covers different topic and details such as:


  • The fundamentals of Solar PV energy
  • & Dis. of a Solar PV system
  • How does a typical PV Grid-Tie system Work
  • Solar Energy production curve vs. Household energy demand curve
  • Peak sun hours
  • Power concepts & Units
  • Components of a Solar PV system
  • Grid-Tie vs. Off-Gris PV systems
  • DC/AC Inverters
  • Junction Boxes
  • Calculate daytime energy needs
  • Roof performance for Solar
  • Sizing
  • Power Bill Savings
  • Solar Meter
  • Wiring foundations
  • Variables for the correct design of a Solar PV system
  • Solar modules
  • DC/DC Converters

Thus, you can trust this course for work placements and future confirmation. This course truly gets your future and will give you a better profit. The solar installation course is the course that must be learned in an orderly way and this course likewise needs the stillness of mind. Along these lines, don't be incredulous to join this profession because we give industry-driving specialized preparation to spread the utilization of solar energy all over the place. This course is for both fresher and experienced. We train the two of them to be better in learning the abilities and acquiring the knowledge. You can get the chance to work on huge undertakings with huge business organizations.   


Who was this course intended for: 


  • This course was intended for any individual who needs to know the intricate details of Solar PV Energy
  • It is ideal for complete fresher, with zero Solar experience
  • This course is ideal for the understudy who needs to turn into a solar panel engineer and master.
  • This course was intended for any individual who needs to figure out how to install a solar panel
  • It is additionally great for experienced Solar Professionals who need to improve their skills and increase knowledge.