Unpaid alimony: how to recover it and how to boost retirement

Unpaid alimony: how to recover it and how to boost retirement

The most powerful tool you have to plan for retirement is your own savings. The most important thing is to start saving on a regular basis, for your retirement, how much earlier you start better, because the compound interest rate plays in your favour. Though one of the major one is How To Find And Consolidate Your Lost Super?

  1. Hire a pension plan

Although the current taxation of pension plans is improvable, it is still the financial product that has the best tax treatment for long-term savings, especially for retirement. It should be remembered that contributions to pension plans reduce the income tax base, so that each year you can see the benefits of saving for retirement.

  1. Diversify your investments

One of the maxims of any financial investment is diversification. Diversifying your retirement savings among different financial assets allows reducing the risk you are taking and in the long term improve the profitability of your investments.


  1. Don't touch retirement savings

Another maxim of long-term savings and especially retirement savings is that we should not touch the accumulated savings for this purpose. You must not fall into the mistake of after a long time and use the accumulated savings to fulfil some other vital objective or desire that is presented to us throughout life, excluding in any case the issues of force majeure.

  1. Review your retirement savings plan every year

It is advisable to review the advancement of the retirement savings plan annually, and also, after any relevant event that occurs in our lives and that may have an impact on it. It is the only way to know if you are meeting your objectives or not to introduce the necessary changes in the plan.

Steps to improve your retirement

Although too many of us planning our retirement it may seem a tedious and complicated process, that without the help of a professional is difficult to carry out. In any case, there are a series of very simple steps (tips) that you can take to Turbo Boost Your Retirement planning.  

Demand of the debtor

The spousal creditor of the child support must first address to the debtor thereof a letter of formal notice (registered with acknowledgment of receipt) reminding him of his obligations. It is imperative to recall the court decision that ruled on the payment of alimony and specify the unpaid deadlines. The debtor parent must be warned in this letter that his refusal to honour the payment of alimony exposes him to criminal prosecution for abandonment of his family. It cannot hide behind other debts to pay, such as a consumer credit or a mortgage. Indeed, the payment of alimony has priority over all other debts.

  • Recourse to the bailiff

The bailiff, whose fees are borne by the debtor, can help the creditor parent recover the unpaid child support maturities in the last 6 months. To establish a file the creditor parent must send to the bailiff a copy of the judgment setting the pension, the identity of the debtor parent.