Craft Glue Applicator

Know how help is Craft Glue Applicator

Many customers ask us what Craft Glue Applicator is better or what they are used for, here we will give you a brief summary of our favourites so that they know them.

Mono multi: Two dispensers in a single ergonomic applicator: Fine point for small areas. Wide point is for large areas. It is ideal for paper, photographs, cardboard, fibbers and buttons, etc. Chlorine free, non-toxic, washable, for removable use and permanent use. Type of drying: Fast. Personally I recommend it for 3D crafts with papers.

Mono aqua liquid blue:  It is versatile and transparent Craft Glue Applicator. It also has two dispensers.

  • What hits?  Any type of paper, cardboard, moderates (glued to a paper). It is not suitable for bonding cloth, metal, ceramics ...
  • Type of drying : Quick
  • If Acrylic Paint Pen has not been more than 5-10 seconds it can be taken off relatively easily.
  • Does it shine once dry?  No, once dry it is completely transparent and opaque

Glossy accents:  It is bright and transparent glue with multiple functions.

  • What hits?  Virtually any type of material since it is an ultra resistant glue.
  • Type of drying  : Slow, app. 1 minute
  • We have more time because it takes off easily but are careful! If we are not going to paste anything again where the glossy accents was, we will have a bright area.
  • Special point:   Once dry it gives volume and shines a lot, like a resin once dry. If we stick a wood and have put too glossy, or remove it immediately with a paper, or we will have a bright area where it is known that there has been glue. Glossy accents have a double function: it sticks very well if we put it under an object, and it makes it shiny and resistant if we put it on top.

Runner: It is the most appropriate when we are starting with scrapbooking. It is glue that can be easily put on and removed.

  • What hits?  Especially paper because it is not as strong as others.
  • Type of drying:  Medium
  • Can I take it off easily?  Very easily. With this glue we can take it off completely and re-paste it without problems. And the same if we are not sure to put some element and we want to move it afterwards.
  • It is very comfortable to work in bindings, but it is more expensive than other wet adhesives.

Glue pencil Quickie Glue: To work in a practical and precise way, allowing making small strokes and drawings it is best Fine Tip Applicator.

  • What hits? You can use glitter, glitter, and confetti or apply sheets of foil on it to decorate your projects scrapbooking, art journal, card, collage, etc.
  • This Pencil will allow you to highlight straight lines, curves or precise points, draw or make patterns, paint polka dots or easily paste small pieces or embellishments.
  • Type of drying:  Fast.