Grading Policy

Grading Policy:

Students are graded on their daily work and a variety of assessments.


Participation (actively engaged in class, labs, etc.): not graded but “booster” if borderline on a grade. 


Daily work (labs, assignments, reflections) will make up 50% of their grade. It is scored based on 0-4 rubric shown below.  Students should have this glued into the front of their science notebook already.

Students are expected to keep their “Science Notebook” neat, organized, and up to date. All student work will be glued into this notebook and they are responsible to bring it to class daily. 

4 points-A(WOW-Exceeds expectations)
All of the requirements are evident and EXCEEDED
The product is VERY neatly done and EXTREMELY well organized
The product shows LOTS of creativity and a minimum of 4 colors.
Completed on time
3 points-B(Meets expectations)
All of the requirements are evident
The product is neatly done and organized
The product shows some creativity and is colorfully illustrated
Completed on time
 2 points-C(Almost meets expectations)
Requirements are evident (maybe 1or2 are missing)
The product is done and some what organized
The product shows little creativity and is illustrated 
1 point-D(Sort of meets expectations)
MANY of the requirements are NOT PRESENT (3 or more are missing)
The product is VERY POORLY done and POORLY organized (messy)
The product shows little to NO creativity and there is NO illustration or it’s POORLY done
0 points-F(Does NOT meet expectations)
Unscorable or NO PRODUCT
Demonstrates no relationship to the content


*ALL work needs to be school appropriate (language and content).

 **WOW: Works of Wonder must be an extremely superior product.  Upon viewing by the class or teacher, a WOW that is NOT a WOW will cause the score to be dropped to a “1” for the person and the collaborative group.


Assessments (tests, projects, presentations) will be 50% of their grade.

*A rubric will be given to students when projects or presentations are assigned to aide the student in achieving the expectations. 

Meets Expectations: 94-100      A 90-93       A-

87-89        B+ 83-86       B 80-82         B-

Below Expectations: 77-79         C+ 73-76        C 70-72         C-

67-69        D+ 63-66        D 61-62         D-  0-60        F        

*Students below expectations on benchmark tests will continue to retake/redo the assessment until it meets expectations. 

*Retaken tests will be averaged to determine their final test score.