Quarter 1

Quarter 1

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Tests are in Red Homework is in Orange


Week 9: 10/18-10/22: Testing over Scientific Method. Starting "States of Matter". 

Tuesday, 10/19: Scientific Method Written Test

 Click HERE to watch the BrainPop Video on Scientific Method


  • Students play review game on Monday
  • Test on Scientific Method Tuesday
  • Students complete a KWL Worksheet over information read to them in class on the different states of matter.


Week 8: 10/11-10/15: Scientific Method

  • Students share their "People" in small groups and score.
  • Students work with lab partner to design an experiment to test their hypothesis on "How to make a bubble last longer." The final write-up is equivalent to a test grade. (Content Standard 1: Students can understand and apply skills used in the scientific inquiry.)
    • 4 Day Activity:
    • Day 1: Brainstorm what they already know about bubbles and the materials provided. Create a hypothesis.
    • Day 2: Write the steps they plan to follow for the experiment.
    • Day 3: Experiment. Students test their hypothesis and record their data.
    • Day 4: Students analyze their results and write a conclusion.
  • Students are given a study guide to help them study for test on Tuesday. (Due Monday)


Week 7:  10/4-10/8: Scientific Inquiry/Method

  •  Students Design 7 different "People in your neighborhood" to represent the 7 steps of the scientific method. Due by Friday.
  • Students take notes on Conclusions pg 33 and pg 35.
  • Students trace their hand and write each of the 5 parts of a conclusion (1 on each finger) pg 34.
  • Students use 5 different colors to identify the 5 different parts of a conclusion from an example that is given to them. (glued into notes)
  • Students complete a worksheet in class where they write the parts of the scientific method based on an experiment done by the Mythbuster.
  • Students share their "People in your Neighborhood" on Friday.(moved to Monday)


Week 6: 9/27-10/1: Scientific Inquiry/Method

  •  Students evaluate their procedures on "how to tie a knot." Students take notes on variables.
  • Students practice identifying independent variables, dependent variables, and controlled variables through a series of experiment examples.
  • Students complete a SpongeBob Worksheet to analyze the experiment and determine the different variables. HOMEWORK!
Week 5: 9/20-9/24: Scientific Inquiry/Method 


  • Students complete an observation lab "Can Lab" and write predictions about what they think is in the cans.
  • Students take notes on observations and hypothesis.
  • Students practice writing hypothesis through an interactive activity. (Balloons)
  • Students practice writing good procedures by writing and drawing instructions on how to tie a knot.

Week 4: 9/13-9/17: Scientific Inquiry/Method

  •   Students practice solving problems. They have a group challenge to build a pyramid with some restrictions that they solve together. Then they will write and draw how they solved the problem.
  • Students take notes on the steps of the Scientific Method. They create a poem to remember the order of the steps.
  • Students complete several observation activities. Then go home and make observations at home.


Week 3: 9/7-9/10: Lab Safety

  •  Students identify good and bad lab safety procedures from a picture and answer the corresponding questions.
  • Students analyze scenarios and determine which lab safety rules should be followed. (class)
Friday 9/10: Lab Safety Quiz


Week 2: 8/31-9/3: What is Science? How do we use science everyday? What jobs/careers use/need science?How do we (as scientists) practice lab safety? 

  •   Students create a booklet to show the safety symbols and when they are used:  
-10 symbols: flames, no flames, fumes, heating, breakage, safety goggles, corrosive chemicals, poison, sharp objects, electric shock.

  -outside flaps: draw the safety symbol

-inside flaps: write the name of the symbol

-under flaps: write when you would use the symbol


Week 1: 8/23-8/27: Our main focus is to set up their science notebooks and a routine for the students.  


  • Students will be setting up their science notebook by gluing in assignment requirements, creating a coverpage, and learning how to use their assignment rubric.