Quarter 2

Quarter 2

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Tests are in Red Homework is in Orange


Week 11: 11/1-11/5: Mixtures Lab, Physical and Chemical Changes


  • Scientific Method Test Retakes need to be completed by 11/5 (Need 80% or above)
  • Monday: Share and score Fold-It2 on Compounds and Mixtures, Start Trail Mix Lab, 
  • Tuesday:  Continue Trail Mix Lab (Students find the mass for their trail mix, categorize by type, and record. Then exchange data with 2 other groups. They use this information to create a bar graph to represent the amounts of each found in the trail mix.)
  • Wednesday: Analyze the bar graphs and review questions from Trail Mix lab. CN on Changes in Matter pg 43
  • Thursday: Continue CN on Changes in Matter pg 43, Chemical Reactions Lab (click for worksheet) can do at home.
  • Friday: CN on Chemical Reactions pg 45, use information from lab as examples.


Week 10: 10/25-10/28: Chapter 1 Matter 


  • Monday: Students complete self-evaluation on their performance during 1st quarter.
  • Tuesday: Students get Scientific Method Test returned. Retakes need to be completed by 11/5 (Need 80% or above)
  • Students take CN on Compounds and Mixtures. Homework: Fold-It2 Compounds vs Mixtures (Requirements pg 9 in NB)
  • Wednesday: Students finish Notes and Fold-It2. 
  • Students watch a Brainpop Video on Compounds and Mixtures with vocabulary activity.
Click on Compounds and Mixtures for BrainPop Video link.




Week 9: 10/18-10/22: Testing over Scientific Method. Starting "States of Matter".