Quarter 3

Quarter 3:

 2/4: Element Name Plate Due (periods 1-3, 7)

2/8: TEST: Atomic Structure and Periodic Table 


2/4: Element Name Plate is due for all periods except 4th period. (4th period's final product is due 2/11)

Each student in the 6th grade has a different element off the periodic table to research and design a "name plate" about that element. 


2/8: TEST on atomic structure (nucleus, subatomic particles and their charges), periodic table (atomic #, atomic mass, valence electrons), electron dot diagrams, basic info on families, and chemical bonding.


2/8: 4th period: Rough draft/penciling of Element Name Plate Due.

2/11: 4th Period: Element Name Plate is Due.


3/9: End of 3rd Quarter