Element Name Plate

The Element Name Plate

Research and answer the following information on your assigned element using the books provided or the Internet.


Name of element: ____________________________________

Symbol for element: _________

Atomic Number: ________

Atomic Mass: _________

# Protons: _______

# Neutrons: _______

# Electrons: _______

Year element was discovered: ___________

Who discovered the element: ____________________________________

What family does your element belong to? ____________________________

What are some interesting characteristics of your element? ___________________________________________________________________ 

What is the element used for: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ 

Use the information above to create an Element Name Plate of your element for the class’ Periodic Table. The Element Name Plate should follow the order of information above, include all of the above research information, and meet the requirement in the attached rubric.




  •  Completed in pen (no pencil on final product)
  •  Information is neatly written and organized
  • Minimum of 4 colors were used to help organize the information and add appeal to final product.


  • A minimum of 3 pictures are drawn and colored to show how the element is used (can be included in the border or separate.)


  • A border is neatly drawn around all of the information.


  • Atomic # and Atomic mass is correctly written on name plate


  • The Element’s name is spelled correctly and the correct symbol is written on the name plate.


  • The correct # of protons, neutrons (calculated), and electrons are written on the name plate.


  •  The family in which the element belongs to is written on name plate.


  •  The year and person (people) who discovered the element is written.