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This rap song below is dedicated to all my students ..........

I am Mrs. Finkelstein and I come here to say,

Math class is not the place to play

For freshman people and seniors  too,

There’s much to learn before you’re through.

So keep on working on your skills,

And see that it will be a good deal.

Cause life is not all just fun and games,

Before you know you’ll go down the flames.

So if you see you’re gonna fall,

Give Mrs. F a mighty big call,

Be very sure she will try to please,

But in this place we’ve no guarantees.

The teachers here may be very weird,

But not as bad as you might have feared.

So ask for help when you are in need

Cause we can help for you to succeed!

(This song was found in an article written by Professor E Rae Harcum and was edited by your's truly)