Our Skit

FLL Firebirds skit



Mikayla- person who needs to get to Salem

AJ- person who needs to get to Salem

Bennett- person who AJ & Mikayla are visiting in Bend

Sam- man behind counter/person in coffee shop

Peter- answering machine/person in coffee shop

Cate- lady at bus company/person in coffee shop


Part 1


Mikayla, AJ, and Bennett are sitting at a table in a cofee shop. Sam is behind the counter.

Mikayla- It’s been nice visiting you here in Bend Bennett, butbut we need to be back in Salem by 1PM for a meeting and we’d like to take the bus.

AJ- Bennett, do you know what time the bus leaves?

Bennett- No, but I’ll ask for a phonebook.

Bennett goes up to the counter.

Bennett- Do you have a phonebook we can use to look up the bus to Salem?

Sam- I didn’t know there was a bus to Salem, but here’s a phonebook.

Mikayla- AJ, will you look up the bus on your ipod?

AJ- Sure, I can do that.

Bennett- here’s the listing for bus lines. There isn’t an ad for the bus to Salem. All there is is a phone number for the Bend Bus Station.

AJ- I’ve tried everything I could think of on Google. I couldn’t find any information.

Mikayla- Really? You couldn’t find anything at all?

AJ- Nothing about the bus that goes to Salem.

Mikayla- I could try calling the phone number for the Bend Bus Station.

Mikayla gets out a cell phone and dials the phone number.

Peter- You have reached the Bend Bus Station. Our hours are 10AM to 2PM. If you have reached this message during thse hours, I am either on the phone or helping a customer. If you would like to…

Mikayla hangs up disgusted and frustrated.

Mikayla- Well that didn’t help! It didn’t say if it was the bus to Salem or what time it leaves.

AJ- We should go ask those people over there if they know abou the bus to Salem.

Mikayla & Bennett (together)- OK!

Mikayla- Do you know anything about the bus to Salem?

Sam- I didn’t know there was a bus to Salem.

Bennett- Do you know anything about the bus to Salem?

Cate- No, I’m sorry, I don’t.

AJ- Do you know anything about the bus to Salem?

Peter- I’ve heard of the bus, but I don’t need to ride it because I have a car.

AJ- Do you know where the bus stop is?

Peter- No.

Bennett, AJ, and Mikayla return to their table. Mikayla glances at her watch.

Mikayla- Oh, it’s 10 o’clock. They said they open at 10. Let’s try calling again.

Mikayla picks up the phone and dials the number.

Cate- Hello, you’ve reached the Bend Bus Station. How may I help you?

Mikayla- I was wondering if this is the bus to Salem.

Cate- Yes, it is.

Mikayla- What time does it leave?

Cate- It leaves at 10:55 and takes about 2½ hours to get there.

Mikayla- Thanks.

Mikayla hangs up phone.

Mikayla- We’re not even going to get there by 1!

Bennett- I guess there’s nothing we can do.


Part 2

Everyone stands up in a line.

Peter- According to our research and survey of people in the community, the Bend Bus Station could better seve the community if they had a website, a better ad in the yellow pages and a better schedule.

Bennett- And how about a sign, too?

AJ- Here’s a webpage that we made up that we think would work well.

Sam- This is what we think their yellowpages ad should look like.

Cate- We think a more efficient schedule would look like this. 2 buses a day would be more convenient for more people, too.

Sam- This could possibly mean fewer cars on the road, and thus fewer accidents.

Bennett- We presented our information to the community at the library.

Mikayla- We also gave our presentation to the lady that works at of the Bend Bus Station, which happens to be in the Lava Lanes bowling alley, and there isn’t even a sign for the bus.