Spelling Homework

Everyday for homework, your child should write their name and the date. 


Fecha:  September 6, 2012                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Nombre: Jose


It will look like the following:


Monday: Rainbow Spelling - Students will write the word three times using different colors for each letter.  For example - kick,  kick, kick

Tuesday: Spelling sentences - Students will write a sentence for each word.  If two words can be used in the sentence and it makes sense, then that is acceptable.

Wednesday: Shape words -  - Students will pay attention to letters that drop below the main line and those that go to the top as to help with handwriting.

Thursday: Spelling test-Parent says spelling word, then student writes it.  If they get it wrong, they should write it 3 times.  If they get it right, then parent says next word.  Parent gives all words on spelling list.

Friday: Writing-Students will write one sentence about something they learned during the week.