Star of the Week Schedule


We will be kicking off Star of the Week in November for first graders.  Star of the Week is an opportunity for your child to build confidence and self-esteem while telling the kids about him/herself.  It is also a chance for your child to practice his/her oral speaking skills while presenting in front of his/her classmates.  This is something all students value and look forward to.  Your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated!

Please check the dates listed below next to your child's name and write it on your calendar!  

·         Monday – Favorite Pictures Poster

Parents, please help your child to design a poster with highlights about his/her life using photographs.  Your child will present and explain the poster to his/her classmates.  You can help your child prepare their presentation to make it easier for him/her.

·        Tuesday – Favorite Book in English (10 minutes read aloud book)

·        Wednesday – Favorite Toy (prefer non-technology items to limit risk)

·        Thursday – Favorite Music (prefer a burned copy of a cd to limit risk)

·        Friday – Favorite Snack (to share with classmates)

Many parents enjoy sending in more than just a snack.  It is a nice and generous touch  but it is not necessary.  It is much easier if the food is already in individual servings and is just a snack rather than complete meal especially if your child is in the afternoon session of English.  

First Grade A Schedule


  First A Star of the Week Session
1 Lev November 5-9 PM
2 Andrés November 12-16 PM
    November 19-23 PM
3 Dakota November 26-30 PM
4 Paola December 3-7 AM
5 Summer December 10-14 AM
6 Luisa January 7-11 PM
7 Martín January 14-18 PM
8 Analí January 21-25 PM
9 Amalia January 28-February 1 PM
10 Mabel February 11-15 AM
11 Celina February 18-22 AM
12 Amaya February 25-March 1 AM
13 Nikki March 4-8 PM
14 Dana March 11-15 PM
15 Fausto April 19-19 AM
16 Isabella April 22-26 AM
17 Paolo May 20-24 PM
18 Paula May 27-31 PM
19 Vicente June 3-7 AM
20 Joaquín June 10-14 AM
21 Riku June 17-21 AM


First Grade B Schedule


  First B Star of the Week Session
1 Natalia November 12-16 AM
2 Nicole November 19-23 AM
3 Verónica November 26-30 AM
4 Gabriel D. December 3-7 PM
5 Regina December 10-14 PM
6 Diego January 7-11 AM
7 Aranza January 14-18 AM
8 Gabriel M. January 21-25 AM
9 Quetzalli January 28-February 1 AM
10 Federico February 11-15 PM
11 Karla February 18-22 PM
12 Alexander February 25-March 1 PM
13 Aretha March 4-8 AM
14 Sofía March 11-15 AM
15 Rebeca April 19-19 PM
16 Vladislava April 22-26 PM
17 Sara May 20-24 AM
18 Marifer May 27-31 AM
19 Geraldine June 3-7 PM
20 Mia June 10-14 PM