Mrs. Matthews

Hello my name is Mrs. Matthews and I am a first grade teacher at Fostertown ETC School. I have been a teacher for fourteen years.

          I love teaching first grade because it is a very important year in your child’s school career. First grade is a time to experience important transitions and acquire new skills. During the year your child will learn how to read, write stories, add, subtract, and so much more. I hope to instill a love of learning that will last.

      As a mother, I am well aware of your desire for the best possible education your child can receive. So, I strongly encourage parental involvement at home and in the classroom. Since parents are their child’s first teacher, you know your child best so I will rely on your input to get to know your child better.

      I believe that all children learn in different ways. By sharing with me information about your child's personality, study habits, likes and dislikes we can work together to contribute to his/her aquiring new knowledge and improving academic skills.