Rules, Consequences & Rewards


1. Listen quietly when the teacher is talking

2. Raise your hand when you want to speak

3. Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself

4. Be polite and respectful

5. Be in the proper place at the proper time.



 A consequence ladder will be used in my classroom along with a communication folder that will be sent home and initialed nightly by parents. 

1. General reminder

2. Individual reminder

3. Second individual reminder

4. 2 minute recess “time- out”

5. Parent contact: note home or phone call*

6. Office referral .

*Behavioral notes will be written in students nightly communication folders; phone calls will only be used in extreme or repeat cases.


Reward System: 

Although consequences are a required part of classroom management, I much rather control behavior with positive reinforcement.  I hope that my students will be motivated to behave through positive reinforcement. In addition to high fives, thumbs up, smiles and specific words of praise, I will implement the use of a behavior clip chart to positively reinforce acceptable behavior.

1. Ready to learn

2. On your way

3. Looking good

4. Great job

5. Awesome

Students move up on the chart by behaving in socially acceptable ways, contributing to the class, helping one another and by following classroom rules and procedures. There will be five levels on the chart. Once the students reach the top they will be allowed a trip to the sticker roll or candy dish. If they reach the top of the chart all week they will receive a trip the treasure chest.  My class will also have a celebration jar, that we will fill with pom-poms for meeting classroom goals and by getting complements from other teachers or parents.