Surviving the Duggan Classroom

Duggan Classroom Rules
     (Carved  in Stone)

Be on  time for class.
 ·Be in your seat by the time the tardy bell stops  ringing.
·If  you are late, you must have a note.


See school procedure for tardies.

   Be attentive at all times.
 ·Do not talk during instruction.
 ·Work on assigned tasks.
 ·Do not put your head down on your desk AT ANY TIME in this classroom.


Automatic detention.

Be respectful to me and to your classmates.
 ·Maintain a respectful tone and attitude when speaking  to me or to a classmate.
 ·Do not talk out of turn in discussions or presentations.



Based on the severity of the  infraction, the consequence may range from

detention to a parent call to an office referral. 

Be prepared.
 ·Complete  assignments and study for tests.
 ·Bring textbook and required materials to class everyday.
 ·Take care of your make-up work IMMEDIATELY.

Consequence for lack of preparation:

If you aren't prepared, how do you expect to pass this class?

    The following are things you should know that will help you understand how this classroom works.  I have also included some personal quirks that might make your life easier.


·          Deadlines for tests and quizzes are posted on the board, in the make-up book, on the class webpage.

·         All make-up tests are given before or after school. There is no morning make-up time on FRIDAY (my morning duty day). Assume that I am here unless I announce otherwise in class. (NOTE: If you are coming in the morning, you need to get a pass the day before.) I DO NOT give make-up tests during class periods.

·         Daily work is due the next day following an absence. If the work was assigned before you were absent, it is due the day you return.

·         You may not make up daily work or tests for suspensions or other unexcused absences.

·         Tests missed for ISS must be made up before or after school by the deadline posted.

·         All homework/make-up work is posted daily in the MAKE-UP BOOK in the classroom and on DUGGAN WEBPAGE for your class.

·         If you are absent or in ISS, you are still responsible for information about class notes, activities, experiments, or video clips.



  • Homework assignments and test dates are posted daily on the  board.  It is YOUR responsibility to note assignments and due dates each day.
  • Assigned homework is due at the beginning of the period.  Homework turned in later in the class is considered late.
  • Late homework/assignments will not receive full credit.
  • Late work or projects that count as a test grade will carry a automatic deduction of one letter grade per day.
  • I will call for late work or make-up work at the beginning of the period. Do NOT simply leave work on my desk: it will disappear into another dimension.
  • If your printer runs out of ink on an assignment that requires typing, do one of the following: print the assignment in a color other than black, bring the saved assignment on something compatible with my computer, email the assignment to , put the document on Edmodo or Google Docs, or hand PRINT the assignment in black ink.
  • I do not allow students to leave the classroom unless he or she is called to the office or unless there is a dire emergency. Here is my suggestion for bathroom situations: when you come in at the beginning of class, let me know that you need to go to the restroom. Most of the time, you will be able to get back before the tardy bell rings; however, if you do not make it back, I will not consider you tardy. If you abuse this approach, I will discontinue it.
  • First Period Class: I expect everyone to stand during the pledge and the moment of silence. There will be NO TALKING during announcements.
  • Students must remain seated until I have dismissed the class.
  • Students are not allowed to enter the SACRED TEACHER AREA behind my desk.
  • I usually change the seating arrangement about every three weeks. If you do not like where you are sitting, chances are you will not be there very long.