FINAL List of FOLLIES Skits/Dance/Music

  1. Music:Cody (Johnny Cash)

Welcoming Music: Chunn

  1. Emcee’s Intro

  2. Video (High School High Lights)

  3. Music: House Band (“Hold On”)

  4. Mr. Klevorn Pt. 1

  5. Muisc: Christian Chunn (“Maple Leaf Rag”)

  6. The Quiet Kid

  7. Mrs. Hand’s Girls

  8. Dance: Ruth & Bessum & Timia

  9. New shoes

  10. Whose Line Is It Anyway

  11. Video (A look back) Part 1

  12. Dance: Ariel King

  13. The Breakfast Club

  14. Music: Casey Campbell (“Never Alone”)

  15. Crosswalk

  16. Music: Marvin Battle (“Background”)

  17. Teacher Of The Year

  18. Dance: Kayla Tucker

  19. Art Slideshow

  20. Gender Bender

  21. Walkie Talkie

  22. Jeopardy

  23. Music: Anna Grace Turbeville (“Let It Go”)

  24. Mr. Klevorn Pt. 2

  25. AP Torturers

  26. Video: (“A Look Back”) Part 2

  27. Music: William Austin (“Love Song”)

  28. Most Interesting Student

  29. Music: Cash Crutcher (“Thursday”)

  30. Video:The Purge

  31. Dance: Brian Wright (Dubstep))

  32. Who’s Who

  33. New App

  34. Video: Bloopers

  35. Music: Bradford Carter (“How To Save A Life”)

  36. Video: (“Songs In Real Life”)

  37. 911 Emergency

  38. Music: Allie St. Clair (“Somebody”)

  39. Runway

  40. Throwbacks

  41. Emcee Closing

  42. Senior Slideshow

  43. Music: House Band (“Hold On”)

  44. Emcee’s Thanks



2014 Senior Follies Calendar & Information





   February 10 (Monday)


Band Room

Musical Auditions

   February 11 (Wednesday)


Black Box Theater

Emcee Auditions  Cancelled

     February 11



Guidelines/Work Session Cancelled

      February 18 (Tuesday) 3:05 Duggan (N119) Emcee Auditions Rescheduled

     February 19 (Wednesday)



Guidelines/Work Session

     February 25 (Tuesday)



Work Session: Walk-through skits

·         March 4 (Tuesday)

·         March 4 (Tuesday)

·         March 4 (Tuesday)

         March 4 (Tuesday)



  *Deadline for slideshow pictures

  *Deadline for videos

  *Hardcopy of skit due 

 *Deadline for program cover artwork

     March 4 (Tuesday)



Work Session

March 11(Tuesday)

4:00 - 6:00


Work Session

     March 14 (Friday)

4:00 – 6:00

Old Gym

Final Cuts/Emcees meet with Mrs. Bastin


THE FOLLOWING ARE MANDATORY SESSIONS (The ONLY exceptions are school sponsored events such as ball games or performances. See a sponsor if you have a question.)

March 17(Monday)

3:00- ???

Old Gym

Off script/ Blocking & tech

Props/sets/music for skits & dance

March 18(Tuesday)


Old Gym

Full Tech Rehearsal

March 19 (Wednesday)


Old Gym

Full Dress Rehearsal

March 20(Thursday)

5:00 -???

Old Gym

Evening Performance

March 21 (Friday)

6:45 a.m.

Old Gym

School Performance



Ground rules

·         All work sessions and rehearsals are closed sessions: HGHS SENIORS only

·         You may not come and go – once you are here, you stay.

·         You may not roam the building. You must work in areas designated by sponsors.

·         Do not use Follies to try to get out of class. Teachers know that this is not allowed.

·         If you rehearse in the school building after hours, you MUST have a sponsor present.

·         You may not participate in Follies if you have excessive absences or discipline issues. If you have more than FIVE unexcused absences or you have been suspended, please see one of the sponsors as soon as possible.



·         It gets stressful – be gracious and tolerant

·         Don’t whine – things don’t always go the way you want.It’s not the YOU show

·         Keep perspective – it is hard work, but it’s also FUN!



·         Must be in good taste (no sex, alcohol, disrespectful references)

·         Cannot portray other students

·         Teacher portrayal requires permission

·         If you have a question or doubt: ASK! Don’t waste time working on skits that will be cut.

·         Only sponsors can cut a skit – students do not make cuts.

·         Sponsors have been given the last word = there is no court of appeals.

·         We do our best to work around other extracurricular activities. If you have a school conflict, see a sponsor.

·         Encourage other Seniors to participate – try to include as many as possible!

·         Come to work sessions even if you are not sure what you want to do.

·         Skit time limit: 3 minutes

·         NOTE: Stage dimensions: 32 ft x 16 ft (Remember that the emcee podium is “down right”)



·         Same general guidelines about content as skits (see above)

·         Be mindful of audio and video quality.

·         Unedited video will not be accepted – NOTE: It always takes longer than you think it will, so add in an extra two or three days before deadline for retakes and editing.

·         Time limit: 3 minutes

·         To submit a video, upload it to YouTube with a privacy setting of “unlisted” and email the link to .   Mrs. Wray can assist you with this, if needed.  It’s important to make your video unlisted so the students don’t get a sneak peak, and you can make your grand debut on the night of Follies!


Senior Slideshow Requirements

·         Seniors may submit a maximum of five photos.  No more than five photos will be considered.

·         All photos must be in digital format: flash drive, CD, or emailed  (include the name of the senior in the subject line)  No hardcopies will be accepted.

·         Only seniors graduating in May 2014 will be represented in the slideshow: no family members, underclassmen, or previous graduates

·         Some helpful suggestions for a great slideshow include the following:

a.      Use pictures that have multiple subjects….meaning you and your friends!

b.    Look for pictures that are of the “whole gang” from middle school or sporting events from youth teams. 

c.     Include material from school related activities!  Ballgames and special outings are especially memorable. 

d.    Get together with your friends so that you do not submit duplicates.  This applies to the same five people submitting five pictures each of the same five people.  Space and time are limited and we want to feature as many seniors as possible so go for variety!

e.     DO NOT submit pictures in which you are photographing yourself from a cell phone or as if you are posing for your senior picture.

f.     Don’t submit senior photos.  These are for the yearbook. 

g.    No baby pictures!  Prom will be your time to “ohhh” and “ahhh” over how cute you were as a baby…..not here.


Musical Performance Guidelines

·         Be prepared for auditions:  Have your musical accompaniment at the audition. If you need anything other than a CD player, please bring your own technology. DO NOT bring an artist’s CD and attempt to sing along with or to sing over the recorded singer. We want to hear your voice, not the recording artist.

·         No a cappella performances

·         You must perform the song at the audition that you intend to perform at Follies.

·         If you are performing as a band, ALL MEMBERS must be seniors at HGHS.

·         All musical acts selected for Follies MUST schedule appointments with Mrs. Hand.

·         Time limit for performance: 3 minutes

·         Sign up for MUSICAL AUDITIONS


Emcee guidelines

·         Individual auditions only

·         Be prepared: prepare an introduction for a sample skit and prepare an opening (welcome). This should be 3-5 minutes of material. If you are not prepared, don’t bother to audition.

·         Must be available to attend every practice and performance.

·         Must work well with other emcee(s), sponsors, and student body

·         Must be dependable, original, and creative

·         Must be able to accept constructive criticism and suggestions gracefully

·         If you have any questions, contact Mrs.Bastin.

·         Sign up for EMCEE AUDITIONS.


To Join REMIND101 for Follies Reminders

·         To receive text reminders: text @follies14 to (727)456-8742.

·         To receive email reminders: (you can leave subject line blank)

·         No one will be able to see your phone number or email address – not even the sponsors.


Aguirre-Cantrell    Barnes    Bastin    Brady    Branscomb    

Case    Duggan    Hand    Pearce    Ross    Veal     Wray