Mr. Rodriguez's Third Grade

Welcome to a brand new school year and to third grade!!! It is an honor and pleasure to be your child's teacher this school year. 


Third grade curriculum in a nutshell 


Parents, welcome to another school year here at Jahn World Language. We are very excited and eager to begin this school year. I am including information on the classroom curriculum and classroom management (The Responsive Classroom).

This years curriculum is as follows:  

Language Arts- students will be using the reading and writing workshop models. Within this framework we will be using leveled readers which will support children with their instructional level reading. The Harcourt series will be at grade level. 

Math- Everyday mathematics will be implemented. The series comes complete with manipulatives, is research based and is used CPS wide.

Science- the school uses FOSS kits which are very hands on and is fully integrated with language arts. 

Social Science- students will learn about Chicago and citizenship among other aspects of the curriculum.

In terms of classroom management we will be using the Responsive Classroom model. This model focuses on positive behavior and redirects disruptive behavior and holds children accountable for their actions. 

Responsive Classroom


*Teacher helps children develop self-control.

*Behavior standards are high and developmentally appropriate.

*Students help create rules.

*The teacher uses logical consequences to help students learn from their mistakes.



*The classroom is calm. Students show a high degree of responsibility, kindness, and respect.

*Students feel safe in school.

*Students’ learn to think and act in socially responsible ways.




Parents here is a list of homework requirements.


Homework Policy:

*All homework should be completed in pencil.

*All work must be labeled with your child’s name and the date.

*Your child’s work should be neatly and carefully written so that it is easy to read.

*Keep your homework clean and unwrinkled.

*Remember to always do your best.


Helpful Hints:


Work Area-

Calm, clean work area

        ex. desk

             kitchen table


               livingroom (TV off)


Plan for homework time

Check homework folder daily

Talk to your child about the homework. 



This is a math link to a free site that is aligned with the national mathematics standards. This link takes you to the area of the website where you can access games for grades Pk-12.