Weekly Assignments




Please read the forward (p. ix-xi) and “The Tuatha De Danaan” (p. 3-21) in Marie Heaney’s book, Over Nine Waves: A Book of Irish Legends.  Keep an eye out for main themes.  DUE: 4/6/2009 




 Please create a character sketch of your favorite Tuatha De Danaan character.  This can be done as a written assignment or as a picture, but must use evidence pulled from the text.  DUE: 4/7/2009




Please read "The Milesians Come to Ireland" on pages 50-55.  Think about any themes you see to put on our chart.  DUE: 4/8/2009




Please read "Midir and Etain" on pages 22-36.  Again, watch for themes.  DUE: 4/9/2009




No homework! 




Please read "The Voyage of Bran" on pages 56-62.  Using what you've learned in previous classes, try and pull out some themes you see developing in this story. DUE: 4/13/2009




Please read through the essay sheet and be prepared to ask any questions you have on Tuesday.




Please talk to family members or other adults about their own stories.  Pick one of these, or an urban legend to recite for your partner tomorrow.  Even if you don't use one adult's story, or they don't have a story to tell you, be sure to get your sheet signed! DUE 4/15/2009




Start working on your written copy of your partner's folk tale or your essay.




Continue working on folk tale and essay.




Please finish writing your folk tale and essay.  DUE: 4/13/2009