April 3rd

We'll kick off our Irish unit with traditional Irish soda bread and a quick lesson in the Irish language from our guest speaker. 

 April 6th


 We'll start discussing the characters in the book.  We'll create a list of the characters and one of their main attributes.  We'll also quickly touch on theme and list any similarities between what we've read in Over Nine Waves and other pieces of literature.

 April 7th

 Today we're focusing on setting.  We'll read an article about Tara in present day and see a YouTube video featuring current pictures of Tara.  We'll then go to the text to see if the written descriptions match with the pictures we've seen.

 April 8th 


 After having read "The Milesians Come to Ireland," we'll talk about how point of view has changed between the Milesians and the Tuatha De Danaan. Focus Questions: If the Tuatha De Danaan had still been telling the story, would it have looked different?  Are there now any similarities between the Tuatha De Danaan and the Fomorians?  How does point of view affect a story?

  April 9th     


 Today will put the events of "Midir and Etain" on a plot line, paying special attention to where the climax falls within the story.  We'll record their themes on our chart.  Afterwards, we will begin reading the story, "The Children of Lir" out loud.

 April 10th

 Finish reading "The Children of Lir" out loud in class.  We'll identify the conflict and the importance it has to the story.  Finally, we'll record the themes on our chart.

 April 13th

 We'll continue the discussion of theme, including the story, "The Voyage of Bran."  We should end class with a chart showing the legend we read in class, themes present in it, and other stories we've also seen these themes in.

 April 14th

 Folk Tale Project!  We'll be going over examples of Irish folk tales in class today and discussing how different styles of transcribing them affect the story.  We'll find examples of dialect and examples were the regional dialect has been removed.  We'll also keep an eye out for the elements of a story, which we've been identifying in our other Irish legends.

April 15th

 Today we'll start reading our folk tales to our partners.

April 16th

 Work day!  Finish up recording your partner's folk tale.  Use the rest of class to continue working on your folk tale or your essay.

April 17th    


 Work day!  Be sure to ask me any questions you may have about your essay or your folk tale today, since they are both due on Monday.