Essay Rubric

Rubric for Essays on Marie Heaney’s Over Nine Waves



1 point

3 points

5 points

Follows all instructions listed as bulleted points in beginning of the assignment sheet

Ignores bulleted points: not double spaced, incorrectly set margins, more than an entire page off the page requirement in either direction



Bulleted points followed: double spaced, 1” margins, 3 pages.

Quotes have proper MLA citation.

The text is never quoted, or is quoted once with no citation.

The text is quoted once with correct MLA citation or 2-3 with incorrect citation.

The text is cited 2-3 times with proper MLA citation.

The instructions within the prompt are followed.

Ex. Having three examples or stating your opinion.

None of the instructions from within the prompt are followed.

Some of the instructions are followed, but not all.

All instructions within the prompt are followed

Grammar: spelling, punctuation, word choice, etc.

More than 5 mistakes

3-5 mistakes

1-3 mistakes

The question is fully answered and demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the subject material.

The essay does not show an understanding of what was discussed in class and the text itself.

The essay shows a basic understanding of the material and class discussions.

The essay shows an understanding of the material and synthesizes that with class discussions and student opinion.