Folk Tale Project

Class Folk Tales

At the end of “The Mythological Cycle” you were introduced to “the People of the Sidhe.”  These “fairy people” are prominent in Irish folk tales, taking many different forms. Today we will be reading through a number of different examples of Irish Folk tales.  Please pay particular attention the writing style used to record these folk tales, the elements of story which we've discussed in connection to the legends, and how oral tradition has affected them.  We will conclude today’s class discussing the use of dialect within the folk tales and how that adds or subtracts to the story itself.            

Tonight when you go home, talk to your parents or relatives about any family stories you may have.  If your family isn’t big into storytelling, think about an urban legend you may have heard recently.  Be sure to get your Folk Tale Signature Page signed, even if you don't use one of their stories.  Please come prepared to class tomorrow with your own folk tale.  This shouldn’t be written down.  Mix-ups, elaborations and forgotten parts are all part of oral storytelling.  You will be reciting to a partner for them to copy down for the Class Folk Tale book.  Be prepared to also write down your partner's story.  Think about the writing styles and whether you would like to preserve their speaking style or put the entire story into standard English.  This same style should be seen throughout the entire folk tale. 


Today: Read folk tale examples.  Discuss dialect within written text and how that effects the story.  Identify elements of a story present within the folk tales.  Discuss the affects of oral tradition on folk tales.

Tonight: Talk to family members or neighbors about their own stories.  Select one of these or an urban legend you will recite to your partner.  You may practice reciting it out loud, but it may not be written down. 

Tomorrow: Recite your story to your partner.  Record your partner's own story.  Recording devices may be used and are even encouraged.  I’ll have some available in class but if you can bring one from home it is appreciated.  Contemplate preserving the way your partner spoke, or using standard English for your final copy.