Folk Tale Signature Page


In class the students are working on creating a class anthology of folk tales.  Their assignment for tonight is to go home and speak with a parent, relative, neighbor or other adult and listen to a story they have.  It may be something that has been passed down for generations, or simply a story from your childhood.  If the student has already heard it, that's even better!  It's all part of the folk tale oral tradition.  If your family isn't the story telling type, that's fine too.  The student can also use an urban legend with which they're familiar.  Now that you're in the loop about our folk tale project you can sign this form.  All your signature is saying is that your student asked about a story.  It's fine if they decide not to use it, or you don't have any story for them.  They just had to start with you before going a different route.  Thanks for your time!


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