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Chuangqi Cable Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of electric wire and cable, specializing in the production and sales of various rubber cables, power cords, lights strings, and rubber materials. 


Different types of cables are used in different applications. Therefore, before buying them for your home outdoor string light would be better if you gather information about different types of cables and characteristics.

NM-B cable: In most of the residential wiring NM-B Cable is used. These are non-metallic cables which can carry heat up to 194-degrees Fahrenheit and come covered with PVC sheathing. This rating of the cables indicates that they can work under certain levels of heat without getting overheated and causing safety hazards.

UF cable: It is just like NM-B Cable but is used in underground and damp areas. Although, UF cables appear just like NM-B Cables but they come embedded with thermoplastic. UF cables are provided in the market in a variety of gauges.

Coaxial cables: Also known as coax, these metallic cables are used in transmission of signals and during making connection of video equipment.

Category 5e cables: Also known as cable with plug, these are the twisted-pair cables that are used to connect phones and computer networks. These are also called Ethernet cables and consist of 4 pairs of copper wires.

Armored cable: These cables are usually utilized during new residential construction but are widely found in older homes too. Also known as BX, armored cables are available in the market at high cost and can be used only for indoor purposes.

Metal-clad cable: Just like the above one, these cables are also rated for AC power plug and can’t be used for outdoor purposes.

There are many online suppliers from whom you can buy wires and cables online. Not only cables, they provide all type of electrical items. Whether you want to buy switches online or sockets


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, you can get them from these suppliers as well.