Insurance providers make a difference between different nationalities. Let’s dig a little deeper…

How Coronavirus Will Affect Health Insurance of Employees in Florida
A massive number of Floridians are out of work due to the coronavirus. Some are laid off while others furloughed with uncertainty if they will retain their jobs.

The questions now are “what does that mean for those whose health insurance is tied to their employment? What are insurance companies doing to help people worried about losing their coverage, and what impact has the pandemic had on enrolments in the affordable care act?”

Anne Packham, marketplace network director with the Primary Care Access Network, and Tony Jenkins, Market President for the Central Region with Florida Blue were interviewed on May 7, 2020 at 90.7 WMFE.
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Here’s what they said:

“So, the first step if they are losing their coverage…first is to clarify with the employer. whether or not they’re actually losing benefits, because many of the large employers, at least around Central Florida, are continuing to pay their employees benefits while they’re on furlough,” —Packham.

She says asking to speak to one of PCAN’s health insurance navigators can help too.

“It can be really confusing to understand what’s the difference between if I sign up for Cobra or if I go to a marketplace plan, or maybe I even qualify for Medicaid, but didn’t know that. So it’s good to sort that out before making any decisions.” — Packham.