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The Best Fridges Available Today

best fridges available


This day’s people buy different types of fridges that will suit the basic need for a fridge and the will also fit the design of their homes. Manufacturers of fridges have designed spectacular fridge that can serve any purpose. You can have a fridge which you do not need to open the door to get a glass of water; they are custom made panels for that. You can also have fridges that are inbuilt to match the cabinets in your kitchen. If we keep on mentioning the type of fridges we have you might end up buying all. This review will outline different types of fridge and you get to choose the one which is suitable for your home.

#Top-freezer refrigerator

We are used to this type of traditional fridge, where there is a top freezer. They are the best in storing a lot of things. It is usually 30 to 33 inches wide and 22 cubic foot tall. Their doors allow for a wide swing of the doors. It requires you to crouch down and reach the lower shelves and drawers if you need any item stored down there.

#Bottom-freezer refrigerator

Their storage space is not as large as the top freezers. They are 30 to 36 inches wide and 30 cubic feet. With this freezer you have to get used to bending down to rifle through your frozen items.

#French-door refrigerator

This type of best fridges available is designed to have a freezer below and 2 doors on top. A lot of these fridges have one shelf too. Its widths are 30-36 inches and height of 30 cubic feet. Its usable space is lesser that than of the top-freezer models. With this fridge you can open the door half way to get what you need or stash away items. This particular style is most sought after these days.

#Side-by-side refrigerator

This fridge has a freezer and fridge on either side of it. It’s width range from 32 to 36 inches and 30 cubic feet capacity. For small kitchens, narrow doors are suitable for them. They do not open wide enough and they make items stuck at the back difficult to find. This is a cool fridge that most people love to have at home.

#Built-in refrigerator

This type of fridge is no the pricey side and they are made to fit cabinets and counters. They usually come in bottom-freezer and side-by-side styles. Width range is 36 inches plus with 25 cubic feet capacity. It is a get the look for less, as there are several versions to fit every kitchen nook.

Final words: if you want to get smaller size best fridges available, you could go for a mini/ compact. Fridges come in different configuration and sizes. Always measure the space you have to put the fridge before you set out to buy one. Ensure it can fit through doorways. Most importantly it should be able to satisfy your need and have enough space to store your items.