Varicose Veins Management & Treatment: Learn more about Compression Therapy

Varicose Veins:


Since varicose veins happen just below the skin's cover, they are often apparent to the eye. These veins may look red, purple, or blue. They often bulge above the skin surface. Although varicose veins are visually distracting, in most cases, they are not dangerous. 


Varicose veins, however, can be a clear indication of a valvular failure in the deeper more dangerous veins. Improper blood flow and a bad circulatory system can convert to more severe complications. Such a type of condition requires a vein specialist New Jersey.



Faulty Valves inside Veins cause Varicosities


Inside the veins there are valves. Valves are flaps that open and close to promote blood flow toward the heart. When valves are damaged, blood starts pooling, leading to varicose veins. You can contact in vein clinic NJ.


Vascular Disease and Compression Therapy


Vascular surgeons prescribe compression stockings and socks to deal with varicosities. The compression hoses are produced to maintain blood flow balance inside and outside the body adding the greatest amount of pressure on the areas that are farthest from the heart. The applied pressure promotes healthy blood circulation with the correct direction of it to the heart. Moreover, this compression reduces the fluid blockage resulting in healthy blood flow. Through the use of compression hose or therapeutic stockings, varicose veins can be managed and the progression of the disease is slowed. You can visit vein center Paramus for more information about it.


Compression and Edema (swelling)


As mentioned above, the pressure of gradient compression works to convert gravitational strength and vascular insufficiency that can be responsible for blood pooling and swelling. 

 Bulging in the deeper edges is a symbol of vascular insufficiencies and evidence that compression may be required. If left untreated, it can lead to bad circulation, inflammation, and insufficient blood flow resulting in damage to the vascular system. You can get vein treatment Paramus, the problem is uncontrollable. 



Medium Compression 20-30 mmHg hose are medical strength hoses designed to treat individuals with various diseases, including venous insufficiencies, peripheral vascular disease, and some deep vein thrombosis. You can also consult at vein center Clifton to know the varieties of treatment options. 


Therapeutic Hose &Tired Aching Legs


With the improvement of blood circulation, the therapeutic hose can stop both pain and inflammation linked with bad blood circulation and varicosities. If you don’t opt for appropriate support can cause leg pain and you may feel tired. Beyond making legs feel better, graduated compression, also known as gradient compression hose, promotes skin and muscle health. You can consult a vein center NJ before using it. 


Compression Strength:


You can get these stockings in all forms i.e mild, medium, and severe so that they can be useful to treat each level of vascular disease. The following compression strengths can be divided into three categories.


Mild:  The compression of 8-15 mmHg is known as mild strength that provides mild relief to tired, painful legs and feet.


  • Some diabetic socks are created with moderate power compressive elements to enhance circulation in the weaker extremities and feet.


  • Diabetic socks are uniquely designed to guard sensible feet.


Medium: Compression 15-20mmHg


  • A compression hose with a compression strength of 15-20mmHg is often recommended for women who are pregnant to support circulatory health and help in the prevention of varicose veins. Usually, they are also used as a mechanism in the restriction of Deep Vein Thrombosis


  • During pregnancy, extra pressure on the vascular system is normal in the last trimester. 


  • As embolisms can be life-threatening if not treated, the wearing of anti-embolism hose or socks is particularly important to individuals who are non-ambulatory, as they help ensure healthy blood flow.


If this option does not help you, can consider other types of treatments.


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