We have homework every day except Friday.  Your child should be able to complete his or her homework with very little help from you.  If your child is experiencing difficulty doing his or her homework please call me.

  • Monday is pre-test day for spellling and math
  • If your child makes  a 100 on the math pre-test they are exempt from the practice homework.  If they do not they  must complete their practice homework and the back of the page. 
  • If you child receives at least an 85 on the spelling pre-test they may opt out of the Friday spelling test.  Your child may take the test for a better grade if he or she would like to make higher than 85.
  • Your child may also need to finish any work that they did not finish in class.  If your child brings work home please do not do it for them.  You may guide your child but all graded work has to be independent.